Schedaero Permissions:

· Finance Permission

· Operations Permission

· Sales & Scheduling Permission

· View Only

Finance Permission

Access to:

Billing Tab

Tasks Overview page

Operations Permission:

Access to:

Trips tab: Flight Logs

People tab: Users, Pilots.

Aircraft tab: Fleet, Performance Profiles, Pricing Profiles, Routing Profiles, Insurance, Permissions, Airport Bias Time & Aircraft Logs.

Company tab: Company, Settings, Certificate & Reports

Quick tools: Search Registration Number, Airport & Distance calculator.

Tasks Overview

Flight Logs: The user can edit and complete the company’s Flight logs.

Users: The user can create a new User login and assign permissions to the user they are adding.

Pilots: The user has access to the Pilot dashboard. The user can create a new Pilot record, assign crew qualifications, edit existing Pilot records, and create the Pilot user login.

Aircraft permissions: The user has Full access to all aircraft and sub-tabs.

Company permissions: The user can edit all Company details

Company Settings: The user can edit sub-tabs in Company Settings.

Sales & Scheduling Permission:

Access to:

Calendar tab

Trips tab: Create Quote, Create Trip, Quotes/Requests, Scheduled Trips, Fuel & Invoices

Company tab: Jet Cards

Expense Tracking: The user can access the Trip expenses tab from the Trip page.

Fuel: The user can look up WFS fuel pricing based on the airport code, request WF fuel release, and see the overview of all Fuel requests.

Invoices: The user can create, update, and manage Invoices along with Jet Cards balances.

Quick Tools: The user can access quick tools from the home page to lookup an aircraft, airport, WFS Fuel pricing, and distance calculator.

Requests/Quotes: The user has the ability to respond to quote requests and create a quote.

Scheduled Trips: Gives the user access to create, manage, and update scheduled trips information along with the Invoices.

Pilots Restricted Access Permission:

I only want my pilots to have access and view their records and trips.

Under people: The user can see the other user’s pilot record

The Flight logs show all trips: Including either the PIC or SIC I flew with. The user can also edit the PIC Flight log.

Calendar The user can see their trips on the calendar—including the trips with their co-pilot.

Pilots Permission without Restrictions:

Pilots have permission to view other crew members' information from the Flight Logs tab, Schedule, and Training & Currency.


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