To create and schedule a trip without pricing, the user must click on the Create Trip tab.

On the Scheduled trip window enter the following information:

  • Requester information

  • Aircraft

  • Flight Regulation

  • Optional to assign a PIC and SIC

Create the trip itinerary by entering:

  • Departure and arrival airports

  • Dates

  • Times

  • Fuel stop (if required)

  • Passenger Count

Settings New Leg Defaults: The user is able to set New leg information by default. The user can select a default departure Time, Passenger count, and default days in advance.

Map: Gives the user the ability to pull up your trip itinerary on a Google map.

Regenerate: This function helps to bring the trip flight times back to the original flight time calculated by the system if it was updated by the user.

Add leg: For a multi-leg trip, a leg can be added by clicking on “Add leg."

Add position legs: Positioning legs can be added/removed from the “Add position legs” dropdown.

Once the trip details are finalized- click on Schedule trip.


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