Add or Look up Customer

The user can add a new customer or search for one by using the Add or look up the customer bar.

If the Customer does not exist in the account, the user can add the Customer record by clicking on Add new.

The user can add important information to the Customer Contact record.

The Customer Contact profile will have different tabs to filter the Customer profile in the system.

The user can add to following to the Customer Contact profile:

Documents, such as Passports or Driver License and Tasks reminders

To Look up a Customer, the user must enter the customer name in the search bar.

Customer Advanced Search

The user can look up the Customer's past and upcoming trips using the Advanced Search within a date range.

Upload Customers

The user can upload a Customer base in the system via a Customer spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is finalized, make sure to upload it to the system.

View All Customers

The user can View All Customers in the system by selecting “View all Customers” located at the bottom of the search bar.

Once the Customer list is pulled up, the user can select the Customer records from the list and click on Delete selected customers.


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