Paynode has a scheme of authorizations and roles that restrict data access only to those who need it.

We recommend taking full advantage of these sets of permissions rules to control who within your organization can see data or take action within your Currency Accounts.

Assigning User Permissions

Charter Sales permission allows your team to administrate Payment Requests on behalf of your company.


Recommended Access

Payment Request

Full access to request a Payment

Instant Pay

Full access to create Instant Pay.

View Only access to view Instant Pay.

Users in Paynode

View Only access to see users.

Account Administrators, typically Owner, CFO, and Controller, should have access to the following recommend permissions to manage your Currency Accounts and Balances.


Recommended Access

Instant Payment Pay

Full access to pay or approve Instant payments.

View Only access to view account balances.

Currency Accounts

Full access to manage your accounts and balances with the option to add *multi-level approvals security for either or both payments made out and conversions between currencies.

Users in Paynode

View Only: recommended.

Full access to edit your own and others' permissions.

*We offer you some additional tools to safeguard your funds. With 🔒 Multi-Level Approvals:

  1. You can specify what transactions should require your approval
    - Payments
    - Currency conversions
    - Both
  2. Set what should trigger approval
    - Set a transaction amount. e.g. anything above 50K
  3. Choose who is authorized to approve
    - Recommended at least 2 multi-level approvers

NOTE: Currency Accounts contain sensitive or confidential data, we recommend limiting access to Administrators, typically Owner, CFO, and Controller.

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