User Must Select + Add

Once Add has been selected, a new window will appear.

To add a Pilot into Schedaero, the user must have their certificate information handy.

Schedaero will require:

- First Name

- Last Name

- Middle Name

- Date Of Birth

- Certificate Number*

Certificate Number information will be double-checked with the Federal Aviation Administration Database.

Adding Crew Qualification

Once the pilot has been added into the system, under the Qualifications Tab, select the Aircraft Type*, Position (such as PIC and SIC) and Regulations (such as FAA Part 135 or FAA Part 91).

*The Schedaero Database will display all the Aircraft Types in the system.

Adding Pilot User Log In

Giving a Pilot a User Login is very important because it will tie the pilot record with the newly created pilot. By selecting this link, the user will be redirected to the User Page.

Pilot User Page Information

Basic Information:

First, Middle & Last Name.

Company Role:

Adding the user role in Company Roles is helpful because any Schedaero related notification will be notified according to their user role in the company.

Schedaero Assignments :

Selecting the Flight Crew checkbox is required to activate this pilot as a flight crew member.


It is required that under “pilot” there is an option that says “View Pilot Record” which will prove that this user was created under a Pilot profile and that their record has been linked.

Contact Information:

This information is needed for the company’s needs. Having the contact information allows the company to have a list of all the users with phone numbers and emails.

Log In:

Under Log In, the Schedaero checkbox must be selected. This will give the user access to all schedaero features. Once this checkbox has been selected, the Security email must be added. Security Emails will be the email that the user will receive when he/she registers for the first time, resets his/her password, or user login.

Date & Time / Region and Currency :

This feature allows the user to set their current Date, Time, Region, and currency. All times within schedaero will be associated with this feature.


Basic information should be added for better record-keeping within Schedaero.

Pilot Docuemnts and Adresses

Under Document and Addresses, the user will be able to add all documents and store them in a single place. This allows the company to have all user documents in a secure place.


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