The Currency items the main page allows the administrator to create any specific currency items. By selecting Loading Currency Defaults, the administrator can load a specific set of currency requirements needed for FAA 135 Operations.

The FAA 135 Default currency settings are as follow:

For more information regarding the FAR 135 Currency regulations:

Creating a New Currency Item

Creating New Currency Item

Schedaero allows the user to type the specific name to the currency item, this feature allows it to be fully customizable.


The qualification section must be filled with a position, regulation and if so a specific aircraft (Category, Class, and Type.)


Currency Items can be set per flight activities:

- Block Time

- PIC Time

- Night Time

- Instrument Time

- Take-Offs

- Landings

- Night Take-Offs

- Night Landings

- Instrument Approaches

- Holds

- Tracks

- Turbine


- At Least

- At Most


Specific Digit and:

- Day(s)

- Month(s)

- Preceding Calendar Month(s)

- Calendar Quarter(s)

- Calendar Year(s)


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