Aircraft Logs

The user will be able to see all the upcoming maintenance information within the aircraft that are registered in Schedaero.

The information displayed in the aircraft logs dashboard:

· Air Frame Hours

· Air Frame Cycles

· Landings

· Take-Offs

· Hobbs

· Next Maintenance Due

· APU hours

· APU Cycles

· Engine Hours

· Starts

· Last Updated.

The user can edit the Aircraft Totals, by selecting the specific tail number.

If the user wants to manually update the aircraft hours, the user can select “Update Totals for Aircraft”, once this hyperlink is selected, the “Current” row will update to be able to add the information.

Once the information has been updated, select save. This will update all the information within the schedaero and calculate the correct times.

Schedaero also allows the user to insert the aircraft part’s information. The parts that the system allows the user to insert are Engine, Auxiliary Power Unit, and Propeller.

Part: Engine, APU or Propeller

Serial Number: The Part specific serial number.

Position: 1,2,3 or 4.

Hours: Part Hour, Start, Logs, and Current.

Cycles: Part Cycles, Start, Logs, and Current.

Next Due: The time in which the next maintenance check is due.

Starts: Starts, Logs, and Current.

The user will be able to generate a report, of the Aircraft airframe history within schedaero.

Select “Download Historical Logs”. This will download and excel showing the Aircraft Tail Number log as well as the flight log.

This report is unique because it allows the user to view every leg assigned to the aircraft. The user will be able to see the Flight Details, Airframe information, engine information as well as Auxiliary Power Unit Information per leg. This is specifically important in case there is an audit required.

*Schedaero currently has an integration with CAMP maintenance software. This is a one-way integration in which we provide the flight information, and CAMP provides when the next maintenance checks are due.


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