To create a new pricing profile, the user will click on Create New from the Aircraft Pricing Profiles page.

The user will need to fill in all the Basic Information required for the Pricing profile:

Status: Select Active

Unique Name: Input Pricing Profile Name

Currency: Select Monetary Currency

Pricing Profile Type: Select the default Pricing profile type Wholesale, Retail, Discount, ASAP trips, Owner Rate, Owner flying on another tail or Unknown.

Use on Aircraft: The user must select from the dropdown the tails assigned to the pricing profile.

Optional pricing add-ins:

Urgent Rate: To set up the Pricing profile for trips departing within a specific time frame.

Seasonal Rate: To set up the Pricing profile for trips departing within specific dates.

Avinode Rate: This set up will only show for Members who are also part of the Avinode Marketplace. This setting helps to select when this Pricing profile applies for Avinode requests.

Avinode Empty Leg rate: Use to generate price for empty legs marketed to Avinode.

Price Line items

The user can add default price line items to their Pricing profile.

All price line options can be created, edited and arranged on the Price settings page.**

On each price line item, a Cost vs Rate feature can be enabled to create a Margin on quotes.

Cost: The cost number it takes the company to operate a flight.

Rate: The rate the company is charging for the price line item.

The “No Margin” box must be checked off to not show a Margin.

To enable a Margin: Uncheck “No Margin,” enter in the Rate and Cost for each price line item.

If a price line item is not listed, it can be added from the Add line item dropdown.

Custom Landing fee pricing:

A custom landing fee for a pricing profile can be added from the Aircraft profile page.

The user can edit the Aircraft profile page and select the Airport tab.

A currency must be selected and saved prior to adding the landing fees.

Landing fees can be added in bulk via a spreadsheet or individually.

Bulk add airports & landing fees: Upload Airport fees via a spreadsheet and upload to the system.

Adding an individual airport fee: Select Create new then input ICAO, Landing fee, Per Pax departure fee, and Per Pax arrival fee if applicable.


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