Prior to submitting an eAPIS please ensure the eAPIS feature is turned on in your account and the U.S. Charter eAPIS Submission set up has been finalized.

We highly recommend the following information has been inputted prior to submitting an eAPIS in the system:


The Aircraft Basics which can be updated from the aircraft profile.


The Crewmember user profile must be completed with the crew Documents & Addresses. Such as the crewmember's Passport, Permanent address and Pilot license.

This can be added from the Pilot user page on the Documents & Addresses tab.


Passport: information can be added from the Passenger details tab. Select the passenger to pull up the Quick contact edit window to enter the passport information.

eAPIS Submission:

  1. To start an eAPIS submission for a trip, go to the scheduled trip page, select the eAPIS tab, and click on "Create submission."

2. On the create eAPIS submission window, the user must select the following:

Manifest type: Private (Part 91 trip) or Charter (Part 135 trip)

For Flight: Select the trip leg the submission is for

Depart/Arrive: The system will automatically update this based on the trip leg selected.

Once these items have been selected, click on "Create" and now the user will be able to add in the eAPIS information.

3. Continue to add the required information to the submission page. When finalized, the user must click on the Validate button for the system to run a check to advise of any missing information.

Emergency Contact

Border Crossing

Closest CBP Airport

Airports 24h post depart

Passengers Name: The system will ask the user to re-enter the passenger name to re-verify it's been correctly inputted. *Please enter the passenger middle name if it's on their passport*

Address while in US: Required for only Part 91 submissions.

4. Click on the Preview & Submit button to review the submission then Submit.

Submission receipts

For Charter Submissions: Once the submission has been sent, the system will update on the status of the submission from Pending to a Confirmation number for both Crew and Passengers. The charter confirmation email will receive emails from CBP with the submission receipts. Once the confirmation numbers have been received from CBP, the system will automatically update to reflect on the submission page and crew trip sheet.

For Part 91 Submissions: CBP will send a submission confirmation email for Part 91 trips. However, it will not include a confirmation number as it is not required.

**Disclaimer: Schedaero eAPIS Charter submission product does not address TSA Secure Flight regulations.**

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