In the system, an Admin user is able to add the Company mail server credentials to safely send emails through the Company email server.

To set up the Company mail server integration:

  1. The user needs to go to the Company Settings tab then to the Integrations page.

  2. Under Company Servers, the user must click Add.

3. On the Add new mail server window, the mail server information must be entered.

The following information is required and will most likely be retrieved from your IT person or the company that handles your email account(s).

Domain: This is the Company domain Examples:,

Hostname: This is your actual outgoing email host server address or server name Examples:

Port: The port that the above Hostname uses (this may not need to be populated) If you are using SSL, you will need a port #

SSL: Do you use SSL? Yes or No

Username: This is the username of the main (or Admin) account. This account MUST have permission to send messages from all users for this domain or at least for all users that you plan for SchedAero to 'send as'

Password: This is the password for the main (or Admin) user above

Alert email: This is the email address that will receive failure alerts and such when sending 'as you' doesn't function correctly

This would usually be an administrator, or your IT, or a mailbox that is always monitored

Note: this doesn't have to be related to any of the email addresses above, but it's OK to use them for any error emails that may occur.

Once you’ve entered the information above into our email integration settings this change will become immediate.

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