The User must have the TSA Manager permission enabled along with TSA notifications. The latter will ensure the user receives system-generated TSA flags notification.

Updating TSA watchlists:

To update the TSA watchlists the user must have access to HSIN website to download each list in a .xlsx version. TSA watchlists can be downloaded from the HSIN website.

TSA watchlist can be uploaded and updated through the Upload TSA lists located on the TSA tab under Trips.

The user must upload each watchlist to the corresponding TSA document upload.

Schedaero will show a timestamp for each list updated.

Once the TSA watchlists are uploaded in Schedaero, the system will constantly vet all users, crews, and passengers against each list.

Clearing Pax flagged by TSA:

If the system flags a passenger match with a TSA watchlist. A system-generated a notification will be sent to users who have the TSA Manager and notifications enabled.

The user will see a warning icon next to the Passenger name from the trip's Crew/Passengers tab.

Pax flagged by TSA can be cleared by adding their DOB and middle name.

Passenger TSA Name Search:

Our TSA feature gives the user the ability to look up a passenger name to check prior to adding passengers to a trip.

TSA Audit report:

Schedaero has the ability to run a TSA audit report for past TSA vetting history. The report can be run by date ranges.


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