Go to the Company Settings page to locate the Quickbooks tab.

The user must select Online edition (Harmony) from the Quickbooks Integration drop down then Save.

To establish the connection between Schedaero and Quickbooks, the user must click on "Connect to Quickbooks."

On the new pop up Intuit window, the user needs to enter their Quickbooks Online credentials. (We highly recommend a shared login to be used)

The system might take a minute or so to establish the connection.

Now the user is able to kick off the Initial sync by clicking on the "Perform Initial sync" button.

Once the initial sync is finalized. The user must check if the Initial sync completed was successful by reviewing the Connection status, last sync version, last sync date/time (In UTC time), and last sync result.

Sync Preferences:

Export invoice summary: Schedaero Trip number, trip itinerary, and tail information will appear in Quickbooks under Message on invoice or/and Message on statement. This setting can be updated to show on the Memo field or invoice field.


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