Invoice Set up

Prepared for:

The Customer should be mapped to Quickbooks Customer.

Note: If the customer does not exist in Quickbooks, the Mapped QB customer should be left blank. This will trigger Quickbooks to create a new customer.

Invoice with Line Items vs. Invoice Total Only

The user has the choice to select which information from the invoice should export over to Quickbooks. It can be an Invoice with all price line items or an invoice with only the total price.

Invoice with Line Items:

All invoice line items must be mapped to a Quickbooks line item prior to exporting.

If the line item does not exist, it can be created by typing the new line item name on the Quickbooks side.

**If a line item is not mapped on the invoice, the invoice will not be exported and status will show as Unable to sync.**

Invoice Total Only:

Export the invoice total only. This should be used if the line items are not needed and only the total price. Prior to exporting, the user should check the Total flight cost has been mapped on the Quickbooks default line item mappings prior.

Once the invoice is saved the Invoice Status will show as "Flagged for Quickbooks export"

Pull up Quickbooks Desktop to initiate the sync, click on File then on Update Web Services.

Schedaero invoicing needs to be checked off, the password entered then click on Update Selected.

The export process might take a few minutes.

We highly suggest to NOT click on Auto-run sync. The reason being an unfinished invoice might export to Quickbooks.

Once the export is finished, the status will update by showing the Imported invoice and processed request number.

If a red message appears on Status, click on the View Log button, and please send the log notes to our Support team to troubleshoot the issue.

In Schedaero the Invoice status will update to Exported to Quickbooks.

The invoice exported to Quickbooks in Schedaero will now be a Read-Only PDF invoice.

**No changes can be made. Changes to the invoice can be made in Quickbooks but not in Schedaero.**

The invoice number in Schedaero is the invoice number exported to Quickbooks.

Customized Invoice numbers can only be assigned through Quickbooks once the invoice has been exported.


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