Where Can I Find The New Flight Logs?

The new flight logs page can be found under Trips > Flight Logs New.

You can also go to the new flight logs page, by selecting the Flight Logs link under your calendar or under the Flight Logs on your specific trip.

Where can I find information regarding the new flight logs page?

The information has been documented under Schedaero Academy Section. We have a detailed explanation of the new flight logs page, as well as a process flow to better understand it.

Flight Logging: https://academy.avinode.com/en/articles/4262621-flight-logging

Process Flow: https://academy.avinode.com/en/articles/4262657-flight-logging

Do I need to flight log through this new page?

No, we recommend all our users to flight log through our schedaero crew application. For more information regarding our crew app: https://academy.avinode.com/en/articles/3929399-schedaero-ios-app

We encourage the use of this page as a way to double-check or make editions to a past flight log.

Will all my previous flight time still show on the New Flight Logs Page?

Yes, all your previous flight time will be shown on the new flight logs page.

Why are we switching to the new flight logs page?

We are switching to the new flight logs page because we are revamping some of the schedaero features, we believe this is more user friendly.

What are the benefits of the new flight logs page?

Some of the benefits on the new flight logs page are:

  • New and Improved filter features. We can filter by Complete, Incomplete, Crew, airplane, and search by trip number.

  • Engine times will automatically update once the OOOI times have been inserted.

  • Same way of logging as in the Schedaero Crew App

  • Everything will be separated by Flight, Crew, and aircraft.

  • You can also see them by timezones.

  • Less double inputting and double work for end-users.

  • You will be able to add weight and balance information.

Do I have to still close the flight logs?

No, we have removed that functionality. The goal is for our pilots to log their flight time through the schedaero application. Everything should be a process where if the pilots input the proper information, this will reduce the companies workload and keep everything updated.

How do I make sure that my pilots completed the flight logs?

We have a filter feature, in which you can filter by complete or incomplete, complete will show all the flight logs that have not been filled out.

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