Default Mapping will show the number of retrieved Quickbooks customers and accounts available for mapping.

Default Line Items Mapping will show the retrieved Quickbooks line items for invoices. The line items must be mapped prior to sending an invoice to Quickbooks. Each line item has to align with a line item in Schedaero from the drop-down.

Adding a new Line Item: If a line item needs to be set up and it does not exist in Quickbooks. The user can insert the new mapped line item and select the account it should be created for.

The example below: Canadian Tax line item does not exist in Quickbooks. The user can add the new line item in Quickbooks by adding the name along with the account it should be mapped to. On the Create for account dropdown, the user can assign the new line item to the account it should go under.

Mapping Customers: Customer Profiles will now have a Quickbooks mapping option to merge the customer in Quickbooks with customer profiles in Schedaero.

Adding a Customer: If the Customer does not exist in Quickbooks, the user can add the customer when creating a trip invoice.

The Mapped QB Customer box should be left blank and this will trigger Quickbooks to create a new customer.


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