Know Your Business or ‘KYB’ is an important compliance process that ensures the verification of corporate entities or businesses. This is required by the payment industry regulations as a prerequisite to business entities being payout.

KYB Form

The form asks questions about the company's:

  • Legal registration

  • Owners and registered directors

  • Bank accounts

  • Expected payment volumes

Who can see the KYB data and documents?

  • Access to the KYB form is highly restricted.

  • If you were granted access to the KYB form, you were sent a link or able to view it from the Company Tab ➡️KYB Information.

  • Within Avinode Group, only the Paynode staff persons directly responsible for the KYB process have access to the form (this is a tightly controlled and limited group) along with the compliance teams of our payment solution providers.

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