Schedaero: Expense Reporting in the Crew App
Navigating the expenses section, creating and submitting expenses, itemizing expenses and working with accounting.
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Reduce the need for envelopes of receipts and complex post-trip reconciliations. Transmit expenses real-time and straight from the flight deck into the Schedaero Trips tab. Easy to report for pilots, easy to access for accounting - a true win-win.




Navigate to any leg of the trip you would like to add expenses for. Select the expenses tab or scroll down to the expenses section.

  1. Add: Selecting the add button will allow the user to quickly create and submit a new expense.

  2. Expenses: Review all the expenses for the trip.

  1. Trip Number

  2. The total amount of submitted expenses for the trip.

  3. The indication that an image of the receipt has been included in the expense item.

  4. Amount of the individual expense.

  5. + Expense: create a new expense.


  1. Add Receipt: Take a photo, upload a photo from your camera roll or add a PDF.

  2. Category: Select the expense category. Don't see the category you need? Categories are customizable for each organization, reach out to your account admin and they can add a new expense category on the Expense Settings page in Schedaero.

  3. Total: The total amount of the expense.

  4. Currency: Select the currency for the expense, will auto-populate with your operations default currency (US Dollar in most cases)

  5. Date the expense was incurred. The current date will auto-populate but it can be edited.

  6. Aircraft the expense is associated with. Will autofill with the aircraft for the trip leg.

  7. Trip Number the expense is associated with. Will autofill with the correct trip number.

  8. Itemize: Select the checkbox to expose the option to create separate line items (see below).

    Optional Fields:

  9. Airport

  10. Vendor

  11. Payment Type: Select the payment used for the trip. Don't see the payment type you used? Payment types are customizable for each organization, reach out to your account admin and they can add a new payment type on the Expense Settings page

  12. Paid By: Select the Crew Member or Aircraft Card

  13. Notes: add any additional notes that might be helpful for accounting.

    Completing your expense:

  14. Save: Submit your expense OR save incomplete expenses and return to edit them later.


Within a new expense, you can select the itemize option to create an expense with multiple line items - think FBO receipts with fuel, handling, etc.

  1. Total: the total input should be equal to the receipt total for ALL line items.

  2. Itemize: Slide the itemize bar and the option to add line items will automatically populate.

  3. + Add line item: Follow the link to add each individual line item

    1. a new window "edit line item" will populate on the screen

    2. complete ALL fields

    3. Save

All line items will be added together on the expense item. NOTE: The sum of all line items must match the expense Total before you can submit the expense.


Now that you have added your expenses, they will automatically show in the trips expenses tab for accounting and be available for an expense report. As pilots, you will not have to complete any additional steps or edit your expenses on the web.

Pilot's View in the app:

Accounting's view on the web browser:

  • updated automatically when new expenses are added on the app

  • also available for export

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