Pilot Schedule:

This calendar provides an easy-to-navigate overview of your crew's schedule. It allows operations and/or schedule departments to:

  1. Create custom schedule event types and assign them to qualified pilots.

  2. Track FAR 135.267 (e): "The certificate holder must provide each flight crewmember at least 13 rest periods of at least 24 consecutive hours each in each calendar quarter."

  3. Notify Pilots of their scheduled events via the Schedaero Crew Application.

  4. Show crew's schedule and availability on the main calendar.

Setting up your custom Pilot Schedule event types:

Under the Company Tab go to Settings.

Under the General Tab you will see Schedule Event Types:

  1. Add new option: allows you to create a new custom event type

  2. Long Name: Title of the event, this will show on the pilot app.

  3. Short (4 char): Short name for the event, this will show on the Pilot Schedule and in the main calendar.

  4. Rest Period: will signal the system to count the event types as a legal rest period (to track FAR 135.267 (e)).

  5. Unavailable: will mark the pilot unavailable for scheduled trips.

Navigating the Pilot Schedule:

Located under People->Schedule

Today: User will be able to select the current day and see each day highlighted.

< > [Month] : Allows the user to switch months. The current month will show and allow for a company-specific time zone.

Pilots: The user will be able to see all their qualified crew members and if they are a PIC.

Off: See how many 24 hour rest periods each pilot has scheduled in the calendar quarter.

Note: once a pilot is assigned to a trip, it will automatically show on the pilot schedule.

1) Settings Gear

Time Zone: Select the specific timezone for the Calendar.

Type & Color: Select a specific color to associate with your event types.

Update Types: Navigates the user to the settings page and update or customize the events (see section above for details).

Save: Save any changes made in the system.

2) Type: Filter the schedule by any event type(s).

3) Pilots: Filter the schedule by one or several pilots. There is also a search text box to find a specific pilot.

4) Aircraft: Filter by Aircraft Fleet, Type, and Type Rating. The user can select more than one option.

5) View: Choose month or week view of the schedule

Adding events to the Pilot Schedule:

Select +event or select any date and pilot on the pilot schedule.

Type: The type of event (all of the schedule event types added above)

Date: Select a specific date (range) and or time.

All Day: Selects the specific date as an all-day event (NOTE: to be counted in the system as a legal rest period, schedule events need to be added as all-day events AND categorized as a rest period in schedule event type settings)

Pilots: Select any specific pilot. More than one pilot is allowed to be selected.

Note: Any note added to that specific event, will show in the calendar and the pilot application.

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