Paynode is an essential part of the Avinode and Schedaero workflow and is integrated in trips buying and selling. It means a number of things:

  • It certifies that this company has been validated by the KYB regulation process,

  • It recognizes the company as a member of the Paynode community,

  • It validates the company can send and receive instant payments with other members of the network.

What are the benefits?

  • Members of the Paynode network can work with more confidence with other members that have gone through the same vetting process.

  • Send and receive funds to other Paynode members in a split second - 24/7/365

  • You get complete visibility and control of incoming and outgoing payments within the Avinode Group platform.

  • Flat fee for instant payments. No subscription fees or minimum commitments – it’s already included in your Avinode membership.

How can I become a Paynode member?

Paynode membership is available to all legal entities within the permitted jurisdictions. Learn more about Member Eligibility.

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