Send an Instant Payment

In order to send an Instant Payment, you must first receive an Instant Payment Request from another Paynode member. Instant Payment Requests can be paid 24/7/365, freeing you from traditional banking hours and constraints.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of how Instant Payments can be sent.

Important Note:

In the Account Console, Instant Payments will show as Transfers.

How does paying an Instant Payment work?

🔸 Instant Payment Requests are initiated and sent by other Paynode members in two ways.

  1. Email - Upon receipt of the email, click on the URL to proceed to pay.

  2. Payment ID - In Paynode, go to the Outgoing Payments Tab, click the Instant Payment button, and paste in the Payment ID to set up the payment.

🔸 Your Currency Account is required to have enough funds to cover the full amount being requested. Before payment, you can:

🔸 Paying an Instant Payments requires the approval of a user within your organization that has the permission to pay an Instant Payment (usually the Account Admin and Finance Teams).

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