The Wyvern and Schedaero integration is a one way integration that sends currency, training, and aircraft times from Schedaero to Wyvern. Please view the following article to learn more about the data we send to Wyvern.

Setup instructions:

1) Obtain credentials from Wyvern. Contact Wyvern to obtain the authentication credentials. This is typically a username and password.

2) Enter Credentials in Schedaero. Enter the username and password by going to Company-> Settings->Integrations->Wyvern integration. Please note you will need access to the Company settings permission group. Next, select enable send pilot and aircraft data to Wyvern, enter the Wyvern credentials and click Save. Once the credentials are saved, the last step is to click on Send to Wyvern button. The system will send the data to Wyvern automatically every 15-30 minutes.

3.) Enable the integration on the Pilot's profile. Go to people->pilots-> Check the include in Wyvern integration.

4.) Map your company's training. A company's training items can be mapped to one or more integration specific items. The mapping is done on the Company Training page when editing a Training item. The Other section includes 3rd part mappings. It's only available when the company has the "SchedAero - Wyvern integration" feature flag turned on.


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