To add a new document to your quotes and trips sheets, please go to Company -> Settings-> Documents.

Next click on the upload PDF. Important*** Please click on the download a word template with this spacing. Use this template to create your document. Do NOT add a logo and header. The Trip Manager program will apply your logo and contact details from your account to this document.

To revise an existing document, please upload a new PDF with the proper template and deactivate the outdated document.

For minor changes to your document, we recommend converting the PDF to word. Once completed, convert this document to a PDF and re-upload. We recommend all users to keep a copy of their important documents in a word version. This will make it easier to manage moving forward.

If you are using the text document and having issues, we recommend to copy this information to the word template and convert this document to a PDF.

Check your changes by clicking on the PDF icon.

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