📆 Have you ever wondered about the status and timing of an international wire you’ve sent?

⏳ Have you worried about when it will arrive and how many fees will be deducted along the way?

Worry no more! Get full transparency of transfers with SWIFT gpi directly in Paynode.

SWIFT gpi tracking allows real-time-tracking of your international payments.

✔️ Know when the wire transfer has been received.

✔️ Track status & fees deducted at any given moment.

✔️ View the final amount received.

▪ This feature is automatically activated for all Currency Account users.

▪ There is no additional cost for this feature.

You are able to see your payment tracking information at the bottom of the payment screen, directly in the Paynode Account Console.

Share your feedback and comments with us regarding this new capability.

Send us feedback by starting a chat at the bottom right bubble icon.

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