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Web Apps: Generate leads
Web Apps: Generate leads
Tips and tricks on how to gain more traffic to your website
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An Avinode web app is a great tool for generating more leads. Now let’s make sure your website can be found by all the right visitors.

This is a guide to:

1. Generating traffic

2. Encouraging visitors to stay and convert

Make sure they find you first

The biggest thing Google rewards you for is user engagement, above all else. Make sure your site is accessible, intuitive to use, and up to date. A pro tip is to work more with video. Create a video, put it on your YouTube channel, and give it an interesting title. Then embed that video on your site. Google likes to see that users are clicking on things and spending some time on site. In other words: engaging with it!

Do the SEO homework

You've heard about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, many times. That's because it's important! If you get it right, you can reap the benefits of increased traffic, which leads to more conversions, improves lead generation, and boosts sales.

Measure & improve

Monitor, analyze, and optimize with Google Analytics. It's free and easy to add to your site. Check in on a regular basis and make the necessary amends to your site as often as you can.

**There’s an option to connect your Web App to Google Analytics, we recommend you do this so you see how people are interacting with it.

Speed up

Site speed is more important than ever. You need to make sure your site fully loads before the visitor thinks about leaving. You can test your site speed here for example, and get suggestions on how to improve.


Make a list of search terms prospective customers would probably use to find you (or a business/service like yours). These are your keywords. Incorporate them on your webpages and your metadata. Make sure your content is interesting enough and answers questions people would Google. If you have the best answer to a question, Google will suggest your page.

Mobile first

These days, we are all spending more time on our phones than our laptops. Statistics from our system are showing that most searches in our web apps are being performed on mobile devices. Make sure your website is optimized to be displayed on phones and tablets so you can provide a great user experience and close the deal.

Inbound links

Share your site and landing pages on social media, in forums or articles, advertisements, and public listings. These inbound links to your site tell Google that your website is credible and sought-after. And make sure the content those links lead to is what people expect to get.

What to answer in 10 seconds

Did you know that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? First

impressions are huge, and studies have shown that the first 10 seconds are crucial for

your visitors’ decision to stay or go. So here are eight specific questions every visitor

wants answered in 10 seconds.

1. What are you selling?

The instant they land on your website, this should be

abundantly clear, and there should be absolutely no

guesswork involved. Make sure you have a prominent

headline explaining who you are and what your product/service


2. Why should I care?

How will it improve their lives and solve whatever pain points

they’re experiencing? In other words, what’s in it for them and

why should they care? This is where you need to communicate

your value proposition, which basically means why they

should do business with you. Keep it short, sweet, and


3. What does it cost?

Now that they know who you are and what your service is,

they want to know how much it costs. This doesn't mean that

you have to slap the price on your homepage. But it should be

found easily with one click.

4. What differentiates your brand from others?

This is tricky as we are in a very small, saturated industry

seeking the attention of a finite demographic. That’s why it’s

important to quickly differentiate yourself from other

competitors and establish a unique brand identity.

5. Is your site easy to use?

Make the navigation intuitive and make sure you get visitors

to where they want in seconds. The key with navigation is to

keep it as simple as possible so that visitors can move

seamlessly through your site without spending too much

mental energy.

6. What are you selling?

Consumers want validation of a product/service before

they spend their money on it. They best way to do that is

to showcase logos of brands you've done business with.

Other ways are:

  • Testimonials

  • Reviews

  • Influencer endorsements

7. Can I trust you?

Here are a few options to make sure your company looks


  • Include the physical address of your company

  • List your phone number

  • Include awards

  • Provide a link to your policies

  • Provide information about how you work

Also make sure that your website looks professional with

a visually appealing design, high-quality images, videos,


8. How can I contact you?

Include a “Contact” section in a conspicuous area that

requires very little effort to find. Do not place it all the

way at the bottom “beneath the fold” (below the first

screen view). Instead, place it in plain sight above the

fold. You may even want to include a chat box that

automatically pops up.

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