Duty Log

Pilots required to log their duty information per FAA 135 requirements can log their duty via the Schedaero web application as well as the Schedaero Crew Application.

In the Schedaero web application, the chief pilot or the specific pilot can see all information entered per month. Once that month is completed, and it is reviewed by the appropriate person, the status of the log can be completed.

The goal of this document is to understand the new way of logging duty on the Schedaero website. Keep in mind we recommend the pilot should log duty through the Schedaero Crew App. This will make real-time updates on the system, as well as keep information flowing constantly, for required FAA 135.267 regulations that schedaero will take into consideration

Month: Able to filter and select the desired month to perform the Duty Logging.

Time Zone: The time zone option, will allow the user to log their specific duty in a specific time zone. *Administrator should make sure that the pilot has the correct time zone in his user settings, as well as the schedaero crew application.

Log Duty: Selecting Log Duty, the pilot will be able to log their current duty. The system will automatically capture the time in which the log duty was selected and will reflect on it as a Start time. The system won't allow any future times added into the duty, it will only accept past or current times.

Date: The date the duty log event occurred.

Status: There are three different status within duty logs. Complete, meaning the duty has been completed, On Duty, that the pilot is currently on duty, and Incomplete, meaning that the pilot did not complete their last duty log, therefore they need to complete it prior to starting a new one.

Start: Time Duty Started

End: Time Duty Ended

Total Time: The total time of the duty period.

Total Flying: If the pilot had any flying that day, and he performed the flight logging, those times will show. Departure and Arrival airport codes will also show. A green checkmark will be shown if the flight log was completed successfully

Notes Tab: Selecting this option, the user will be able to add any specific note regarding that duty day period. This can be logged via the app and it will show in the Web application.

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