Credit card fees depend on card used

  • Credit card fees are dependent on the card used by your client.

  • This means the cost of the transaction is not known until after the card has been charged.

  • Typically, cards with high reward programs come with higher fees, while basic cards come with lower fees.

  • Paynode passes down the costs of every credit card transaction, so Paynode members can have the lowest costs possible.

American Express US - Fixed rates within tiers

The rate applied to a transaction depends on the amount of the transaction and the card type used.

Card Type / Transaction Amount

Transaction amount up to $19,999.99

Transaction amount from $20,000.00 and above

Consumer Card



Corporate Card & Small Business Card



  • On refunds, the American Express fee will be reversed except for .2%.

  • For companies with annual card volumes above $2,000,000, additional discounts are available.

  • For American Express cards issued outside of the United States, an additional .60% is added.

  • American Express card acceptance is only available to US registered Paynode members.

Click here to see the Amex fee schedule. You must be logged into Paynode to see the content of this page.

Visa and Mastercard - Variable rate, based on card type

  • Visa and Mastercard fees are dependent on the card used

  • The total cost for a Visa or Mastercard transaction cannot be calculated until the card is charged because the cost varies depending on card type.

  • For Visa and Mastercard, Paynode charges 0.70% + Interchange and Processor Fees

Visa and Mastercard historical averages

Below are approximate average costs our members have seen, based on historical card charges. This information is provided as general guidance and does not guarantee future card costs. Certain cards may have higher or lower costs than those shown here.

US Based Members

EU Based Members

Domestic issued cards

3.41% to 3.47%

US issued cards

1.74% to 1.85%

EU issued cards

Foreign issued cards


non-US cardholders

3.64% to 3.70%

non-EU cardholders

Average for domestic and foreign issued cards combined

3.58% to 3.60%

2.15% to 2.25%

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