About Trip Board:

Trip Board is the internal bulletin board where buyers post they need an aircraft for a future trip. The operator can proactively view the Trip Board and bid on trips. Avinode also has a suggested trip tab which automatically scans the operators aircraft availability and sends a suggested trip notification email and to the suggested trips tab and folder. To pickup these suggestions under Search > Trip Board > Suggested Trips (tab). To learn more about trip board, watch the following short video :

Trip Board Settings:

As an operator, you can fine tune the setting for the Trip Board suggestions you want to receive. To Access the settings in Avinode, go under Company > Settings > Trip Board.

You will have different settings that you can customize. For example, you can expand the radius up to 100 NM from your aircraft current schedule position or any additional airports using the “Scheduled Position” setting and the “Specific Airport(s): setting. If you only want to receive suggested Trip Board requests that have up to two fuel stops, you can update that under the “Options” setting. The goal here is that you customize your Trip Board settings in a way that you receive Suggested Trips that make sense to try to pick up.

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