Pilots can record VOR Checks through the schedaero app. If your company setting has not been turned on, please review the Vor Check Web article.

Select View Aircraft

Add Vor Check

Select Submit.

Status :

Current (green), Near Due (Yellow), and Expired (Red). VOR Checks will expire after 30 calendar days.


Desired aircraft in which to perform the check.

Check Date:

The date the check was performed.

Next Due:

30 days, after the current check.

Method :

The pilot has the option to select between:

  • VOT Method

  • VOR Designated point (Ground)

  • VOR Designated point (Air)

  • Dual Vor Check

  • Enroute, Self Selected (Airborne Vor Check)


The VOR Code Identifier


The VOR frequency.

Bearing Error:

The difference. If it's negative, the user must swipe and select negative.

Completed By:

Will show who completed the check.

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