The Flight Duty and Rest Report is a one-of-a-kind report that allows for total customization between Scheduled events, Duty Logging, and Flight Loggings. After generating this report a customizable PDF will generate with Company Logo, Pilot Information, Customizable data, and Compliance Signature.

Creating a Customizable Report

  1. Select Template Library

  2. Select Add

General Settings

Template Name:

Free Text to name specific template.


Allows visibility for all users or the specific user.

Make Default View:

Sets as main templated when accessing FDR Dashboard.

Show Empty Days:

Will show days without any activity.

Show Year To Date Totals:

Shows totals for the whole year. Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Flight Duty Rest Data


Pilot Duty Logging from Schedaero Crew App or the Web.

  • Start/End

  • Total Duty

Flight Logs:

Pilot Submitted flight logs.

  • Trip ID

  • Aircraft

  • Routing

  • Position

  • Night

  • Instrument

  • Flight Time

  • Block Time

  • Total Block

  • Out

  • Off

  • On

  • In

  • Day Take Off

  • Day Landing

  • Night Take Off

  • Night Landing

  • 90-Day Take Off

  • 90-Day Landing

  • Notes

  • Regulation


Totals within the timeframe selected for the report.

  • Duty Hours

  • On/Off

  • Rest Periods

  • Scheduled Hours

  • Night Time

  • Instrument Time

  • Flight Time

  • Block Time

  • Day Take Off

  • Day Landings

  • Night Take Off

  • Night Landing

  • 90-Day Take Off

  • 90-Day Landing

  • 90-Day Night Take Off

  • 90-Day Night Landing

Scheduled Events:

Events scheduled under People > Scheduled.

  • Start/End

  • Type

  • Tota Scheduled

Schedule Events Type:

Customized Scheduled events for Crew created under settings.

Company Customized Scheduled events will show here.

Generating PDF or CSV Report

Schedaero allows for the report to be generated in PDF (Portrait or Landscape) and CSV for additional customization. The more data the report has the bigger the file and it may not fit on a single page. The accuracy of this report will be dependant on all pilots completing appropriate flight and duty events.

Audit Log

The flight, duty, and rest report will show a complete audit history of any generated report. It will show the pilot name, who it was downloaded by, start date, and end date. In addition, the user will be able to go directly to that report.

PDF Example:

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