Welcome to Schedaero New Duty Section. In this section, you will learn all the benefits of transitioning from our Old Duty to our new and simplified duty.

Benefits of transitioning to new duty:

  • Real-Time Duty Tracking for pilots.

  • Advance FAA 135.267 Compliance. Warnings based on projected duty, flight time, and events.

  • Duty Dashboard! Allow your flight operations team to be connected with your pilot's real-time duty, flights, and schedule events all in one dashboard!

  • Customizable Schedule Events that connect with the Pilots Duty.

  • Simple Duty submission. No need to type the times!

  • Customizable Reporting. Allows generating customizable reports including Duty, Flight Logging, and Schedule Events.

  • Post Trip Report - Combine Trip Information, Flight Log Information, Crew Currency information, and Pilots' duty all in one place!

Learn more about the other features that you can benefit from by using the new Duty!

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us here!

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