Publish a Request

  • Select “Wire Transfer” as the Payment Method in the Payment Request form. Keep in mind that the payor must be within the supported countries and regions for sending payments.

  • Select which currency you would like to receive. Paynode will attach the relevant wire instructions for the selected currency, including local payment instructions when applicable.

  • You can click on Wire Instructions to expand and see which instruction will be included.

  • A unique reference will be created for the payor to use. It is the first 8 characters of the Payment ID.

  • You have the option to include T&Cs and Cancellation Policy if you want

  • Click on Publish

The payor side

The payor will receive an e-mail with the payment request and wire instructions.

Payment received

  • When funds hit your account, your account console admin(s) will receive a notification that the funds have been received.

  • At that point, you can mark the payment request as paid.

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