Pilots can complete flight logs through the app.

In the app home screen, warnings will appear on each assigned leg to show if the flight log is complete or incomplete.

Pilots can complete the logs by selecting the trip leg and navigating to the "flight logs" section.

Once in the flight logs section, the basics of the flight will pre-populate including the departure and arrival airport. The date, out, off, on, in times, will auto-populate based on the system-generated flight times but should be edited to reflect flight actuals.

For operational control purposes, pilots are not able to edit the flight regulation, which must be completed on the app by a user with the proper permissions.

Pilots should edit/complete the following information:

The block and flying times will automatically calculate based on the OOOI entered by the pilot.

When completed, pilots submit the log on the top right-hand corner.

When successfully submitted they will receive the following notification on their app screen.

At this point, the flight log will push to the web browser and be available for flight operations to view. It will also update the trip legs according to the proper departure times.

Pilots can make edits to the flight log once it has been submitted. Any subsequent flight log changes will be timestamped and trackable on the web browser.

Happy flight logging!

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