During busy times of high demand, we understand it can get challenging to manage aircraft requests. Avinode is still the most valuable tool to sell your availability. If you do have hours to fill, Avinode is the best way to make that known. Below we have a few suggestions to help you setup for success during times of high demand.

Aircraft availability:

  • Takeoff ready - promote your ASAP availability with crew read to go or block your availability up to 96 hours out

  • Availability rules- setup time limits of when you want to receive requests

  • Aircraft schedule - If you integrate your FMS with Avinode, make sure the schedule is properly syncing for the system to read your real time availability

Aircraft Pricing:

  • Monitor/Update your pricing profiles - this is one of this spring cleaning actions that we always recommend to make sure your fees are updated.

  • Create Seasonal Pricing Profiles - if you charge different rates depending on the time of the year or special events

  • Create pricing based on city pairs -Avinode will ignore your pricing profile and charge the flat rate of your one-way pricing for specific city pairs

Aircraft Routing:

  • Routing rules - By default your aircraft is priced and routed based on your scheduled position. With Routing Rules you can control which other options should be considered

    • Want to get quoted from homebase at all times? learn more

    • Want your aircraft to always get routed to the next mandatory activity for the last leg? learn more

Additional settings:

  • Restricted Areas- you can restrict receiving requests for certain countries, ICAO regions and (or) airports. This will help you receive more quality requests

  • Preferred list of buyers - if you manager your trips in Avinode under Trips > Selling, creating your high and low priority customer lists will help you prioritize getting back to the right partners

  • Are you a floating fleet operator? Use the latest floating fleet features to get your aircraft priced correctly

Please reach out to us.support@avinode.com if you would like to setup a call with the team and go over the options that will work best for you.

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