The payment has not arrived.

If the payment has not arrived within the expected timeframe, please consider the following:

  • Are there external factors, such as a public holiday, that may have delayed the payment?

  • Check that your (beneficiary) bank details match the details in the payment confirmation.

  • Check that the correct IBAN/BIC or ABA/Account/Routing numbers were used for the transfer sent.

  • Check that your client and your client’s bank is located within the supported countries and regions for sending payments.

Any funds received from a payor or bank outside of the supported locations will be rejected and returned. Additionally, payments sent from crypto-currency platforms may be delayed or declined.

Still need help?

The support we can provide for locating payments depends on the payment route - SWIFT (priority) or Regular (local) - and the provided tracking information.

All payments are managed and tracked by the sending bank. Therefore, have your client provide you with one of the following information to help locate the wire payment.

SWIFT (priority) payments

  • SWIFT GPI screenshots

  • MT103 - this is a standardized SWIFT payment message. It is accepted as proof of payment and includes all payment details such as date, amount, currency, sender, and recipient

  • UETR Reference - this is a unique reference associated with each payment that is kept and shared by each bank involved in the payment

Regular (local) payments

Have your client provide you with a trace id, which shows that the funds have left the sender´s account.

  • Fedwire - request the proof of payment containing the IMAD/OMAD number.

  • ACH - request the ACH transaction trace number.

  • Faster Payments - request the Confirmation of Payment.

  • SEPA – request a trace id.

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