The Trip Manager program has a lite Jet Card feature. To establish a Jet Card for a customer in Trip Manager go to the Company/Jet Card page.

Next, select the create new button to create the Jet Card. The system gives you the option to use Block time or Hobbs time in the Jet Card type selection.

The Name space is where the user can establish the naming of the Jet Card. For example, Platinum or Gold Jet Card program.

The Customer is who should be associated with Jet Card balance and is the record you will use when quoting and scheduling trips.

Jet Card type: this is what the system will use to deduct the time when quoting and scheduling. We recommend to use Block time.

Initial Balance: The balance captured here is in hours.

Afterwards, this will show you an overview all off Jet Card customers.

The user can also click on the customer record and see all trips and balances on this page.

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