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Trip Manager: How to use Jet Cards
Trip Manager: How to use Jet Cards
Common questions regarding Jet Card
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Please see article How to Setup Jet Cards to learn more about this process.

Once the setup is complete, now it's time to use the Jet Card for quoting and scheduling.

The quote will show the Jet Card icon for the customer with a Jet Card.

The balance will show when hovering over the Jet Card icon.

The system will not deduct any hours from the Jet Card when quoting.

Once the trip is scheduled, the system will give the user an option to charge the trip to the Jet Card balance. The Jet Card deduction is not automatic.

To charge the Jet Card balance, select the invoice tab and Charge to field.

This will show the total charge being deducted and the balance after.

Common questions:

Q: Will the system automatically deducted hours when quoting a Jet Card customer?

A: No, the system will show you the balance of the customer when quoting.

Q. Will the system automatically deducted hours when scheduling a trip?

A: No, the system will give you the option to charge the Jet Card balance under the invoice tab.

Q: Does the system have a report to show all balances and customer activity?

A: Yes, we have standard report that can be pulled under Company/Reports/Jet Card to show all customers and balances. Please see example below.

Q: Does the system allow me to create an invoice with the Jet Card balance.

A: This is not something we support today. We have the option to create an invoice for a trip and the user can add a Payment. The user will need to convert hours into dollars if they want to use an invoice. Please see example below.

Q: Will I receive a notification for customers with expired or low balances?

A: No, this will need to be monitored in the system under the Jet Card page. Please see example below.

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