Schedaero's integration with FlightSafety International automatically marks training items complete and updates currency in Schedaero whenever a pilot finishes a course in FlightSafety.

FlightSafety International Integration

NOTE: Operators must be using the training and/or currency module(s) in Schedaero to take advantage of the FlightSafety Integration.



In Schedaero, we assign training items to crew members by matching the crew qualifications (which contain positions and regulations) to training items that are also scoped to crew positions and regulations.

The flight safety integration does not change anything about how training is assigned to the crew. Rather, it affects if those training items are completed. By mapping training items in Schedaero to FlightSafety international courses, Schedaero will automatically port training completion dates for each pilot and their training items.


NOTE: The set up for the FlightSafety integration requires input from an Administrative user from the operator as well the Schedaero Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. Once set-up is complete the integration will run itself and you will no longer have to manually update any training item completions that have been mapped.

  1. Enable: if you are interested in the FlightSafety integration, contact your account manager to confirm billing and they will enable the integration.

    1. Provide your FlightSafety Account Number

    2. Schedaero will work with FlightSafety to provide a License Key.

  2. Enter Flight Safety Account Information:

    1. Navigate to the Company->Settings->Integrations tab

    2. Click the FlightSafety integration checkbox & add the Account Number and License Key

    3. SAVE the page

  3. Enter the User Information: After saving the Account Information, a list of FlightSafety users will display. The list shows all active pilots. For each user complete the following items

    • FlightSafety account number. For most companies, there will only be one account, so it is pre-populated. AND,

    • "Client ID" or their unique identifier in FlightSafety. Operators should have a list of each person's Client ID. If you do not have that information, please reach out to FlightSafety directly. OR;

    • Deactivate. If the user's Client ID is unknown or if the company does not want to use the FlightSafety integration for that user.

  4. Determine which FlightSafety courses you want to connect to Schedaero training items. Your Schedaero Account Manager or Customer Success Manager will work with you for this step.

  5. Set up the Mapping between training items and courses.

    1. Navigate to the Company->Settings->Training page.

    2. Edit the training items that will be mapped to a FlightSafety Course completion.

    3. Select the appropriate training course from the 3rd party mapping dropdown.

    4. SAVE.


Once you have set up the integration, Schedaero will automatically create Training completions for any items and courses that are mapped.

Here is an example of what a training completion looks like if it comes from the integration:

Certain flight activities that occurred during the training including day/night landings, day/night takeoffs, instrument hours, and holds will all be imported into a single ad-hoc flight log using the course completion date for the log’s date. These activities will also count toward a pilot’s currency items on Schedaero.

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