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How to import/export customer information
How to import/export customer information
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Schedaero has a function to import or export customer data. To use this feature, the company Administrator must contact the Avinode and Schedaero team to activate. Additionally, the user must have access to the customer records in order to use this feature.

To import customer data, please go People->Customers->Upload customers.

Select the download template and complete template. We recommend to add 5 customer records to start and try to upload. The upload feature must be the exact data points. The system will not consume any additional information and reject the excel document when trying to upload.

To export customer data, please go to People->Customers-> select the View all customers play button.

Next, select the export to excel to export the customer information. The system will only export the information stored on the customer record such as general contact information. This will now show trips history.

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