The Schedaero iOS application was designed specifically for pilots. It exclusively focuses on a pilot’s day-to-day functions in one streamlined tool. This guide is to help you learn to navigate our app.




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To get started, download the Schedaero crew app. In the app store, you can search for “Schedaero Crew”. Or you can access it HERE.


Schedaero Mobile App supports software version iOS 13 and newer. For the best performance of the app, we strongly recommend operating on the most up-to-date iOS version.

For more information on this please refer to the Apple website.




iPod Touch

Note: Schedaero Crew App is currently only supported on Apple devices.

Schedaero App Versions:

Schedaero is currently on Version 3.0.5

We are constantly under development and making improvements based on our user’s feedback. New releases of the app offer bug fixes, performance enhancements, new features, and more.


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When you are added as a pilot to Schedaero, you will receive a welcome email asking you to complete your registration.

Not receiving the email?

1. Check your spam folder or search your inbox. The email will come from

2. Confirm your company admin has added you to the account.

3. Contact Support

Note: The new user registration link will expire after 96-hours. If that is the case, contact a company administrator to resend your user registration link.

Follow the complete registration link:

You will be automatically directed to a registration page.

  1. The page will automatically populate with your email as the security email – confirm it is correct.

  2. Create a unique user login.

  3. Create a unique password.

  4. Confirm the password.

  5. The username and login you create here will be used to access the app (and the web if necessary).

  6. Note: Be aware of any autofill settings you have on your browser. This is a new username and login, nothing should populate in these fields, if it does, delete it and enter in the correct information.

  7. SAVE.

You will be directed to a page confirming your registration is complete:

Enter your newly created username and password and select Login.

If this is your first time logging in, Schedaero will give you the option to enable Face ID for future login attempts. Opt out or in to continue logging in.

Schedaero may take a few minutes to load any flight data and documents the first time you log in.

The “forgot password?” link will direct you to a page with steps to reset your password.

Once you are logged in, you will automatically be directed to the home page or “schedule” page of the app.


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  1. Month dropdown: provides an overview of your schedule for the month. Dots underneath days indicates that you have an event of that day (includes trip legs and crew schedule events). Select a date on the drop-down to jump to that day on the main screen.

  2. Shortcut to jump to Today’s Date

  3. Search by Trip ID, Tail #, Airport or Event.

  4. Refresh: Trigger a sync of information. Press and hold till the screen reverberates to trigger a hard reset.

  5. Completed Duty Event: Any completed duty events for the day will show under the corresponding date. Visit Duty Logging for more information.

  6. Crew Schedule Events: Company schedulers or admin control the crew schedule. Any events that they have added to your calendar will show in your app. Schedule event types are customizable for every company.

    Common examples: on-call, hard day off, PTO, training, etc.

    Select the event to view any notes.

  7. Trip Assignment: all your assignments will be displayed below the corresponding date – they are separated by flight segments. In the app, you can see upcoming assignments or review/make updates to any past assignments.

    · New Trip assignments are indicated with a BLUE side bar.

    · Flight legs with incomplete logs will show with a GOLD side bar.

    · Once a flight log is completed for a trip, there will be no side bar shown.

    The following trip information is shown on the main screen:

    · Departure & Destination

    · Departure and Arrival Schedule time

    · Number of passengers

    · Aircraft

    · Crew Members

    · Status of the flight log & If the trip has been released.

    Click the leg assignment to get additional details -- Click Here to learn more about the flight leg page on your crew app.

  8. Add Duty Log: quick link to real-time duty logging. Click Here to learn more about Schedaero's industry-leading duty logging on your Crew app.

  9. Schedule (easily return to the app’s main page or “schedule page”)

  10. Documents: View and download all available documents. Companies can choose to add documents to the Schedaero crew app. They can send them to specific pilots or make them accessible organization-wide. Company admin can see which pilots have downloaded which documents.

  11. Settings: App settings AND support access (see the following section for more details).


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Navigate to Schedaero Crew App settings using the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  1. Date and Time

    1. The Schedaero Crew App has TWO timezone settings, “Input Flight/Duty logs in” and “Schedule and Documents”. We have outlined suggested settings for best performance within Schedaero. Schedaero will automatically adjust times based on user timezone settings, it will not alter the inputs beyond that.

    2. Input Flight/Duty logs in:

      1. Determines how you ENTER/INPUT the Flight Log and Duty log time in your crew app.

      2. It is recommended that all pilots within the company set their timezone settings the same to avoid creating confusion across the team and/or with other departments.

      3. Schedaero recommends the whole team use UTC inputs to accommodate for flying in multiple time zones.

      4. If your operation does not fly across multiple time zones, you can stick to the LOCAL time in settings.

    3. Schedule and Documents:

      1. Converts from the time zone originally scheduled, to the desired time zone of the pilot. This setting is for VIEWING only.

      2. Schedaero recommends using the option PHONE TIMEZONE. This option will adjust the pilot’s schedule so it is always shown in local time regardless of where they are.

  2. Support

    1. Help & Support: directs you to a chat with a Schedaero team member. We strongly encourage using this tool as you get started to answer any questions you may have.

    2. Go to full website: directs you to the Schedaero web browser. Unless you perform functions in your company on top of being a pilot, it is unlikely you will need to access the web version of Schedaero – everything you need can be found on the app.

    3. Send feedback: Schedaero is 100% feedback-driven. That means we use the feedback from our users to build the roadmap of what we develop or update. Have suggestions on how to improve our app? See something missing? Let us know! We would love to hear from you!

  3. Aircraft: These settings are company-wide and set by your admin. You do not have access to change them in your app but we provide them so you can easily see what your app is defaulting to.

  4. Profile

    1. Duty Logging: enable duty logging on your app.

    2. Default currency: changes the default currency only for this device when creating a new expense.

    3. Face ID: enable FaceID for logging into the Schedaero App

    4. Push Notifications: receive a notification when new flights are assigned to you.

  5. Log out:

    1. Log out of the Schedaero app.

    2. Note: if you are experiencing issues with your app, we encourage you to log out and log back in.

  6. Version

    1. What version of the app you are running on.

    2. Remember: for best performance, keep your Schedaero app up to date!


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The Schedaero Crew App is designed for pilots to have easy access to ALL information required for their trip. To view flight information, select the leg from the home screen.

The trip view is organized in sections. You can navigate to sections by scrolling down the page or by selecting the appropriate tab on the top of the screen.

Itinerary: basic overview of the trip. Routing, number of passengers, tail number, pilots, system estimated flight time, the trip number and released status (released or not released)

Weight & Balance: Maintain Weight and Balance records for the FAA. Learn more here!

Flight Logs: Add all of your flight information to Schedaero Flight Logs – automatically syncs with the web browser and maintains aircraft records. Learn more here!

Expenses: Save yourself the headache of expense reports – add your expenses on the Schedaero crew app and they will automatically push to accounting on the web browser. Learn more here!

Aircraft: VOR CHECK Add VOR check information directly through your app! Learn more here!

Trip Sheets: Access and print essential trip documents from your app through a live link. Learn more here!

Notes: Streamline communication! Any notes that your team added on the trips logistic tab will show in your app. Does the customer need a seatbelt extender? No problem, a note from sales will let you know!

Departure and Arrival: Departure and arrival airport and FBO information. New to the area? Link to GPS directions or call the FBO from the app.

Passengers: Access passenger information, custom passenger notes AND check passengers in. Learn more about passenger check-in here!

Crew: See who you are flying with. Access essential information such as passport information and DOB.

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