Duty logging in the Schedaero Pilot App is easy to use and helps maintain compliance. Within the system, it allows for:

  • Better communication between departments with real-time duty tracking and insights into crew availability; eliminate extra phone calls and side conversations.

  • Detailed warnings around duty and rest (includes all 135.267 regulations); prevents flight assignments that exceed crew duty or flight time or that do now allow for proper rest.



SCHEDAERO CREW APP: LOGGING DUTY (using the ideal pilot workflow)

1. Pilots arrive for their flight and start their duty on the app.

To log new duty, select the log duty box in the right-hand corner of the screen.

The “New Duty Log” window will populate on the screen:

When starting a new duty log, the current date and time will automatically populate.

Select Save on the right-hand corner and your duty time will start.

To edit real-time: select the date or start time and enter a new value select DONE and then SAVE in order for the system to save the edits.

Once a pilot has started their duty...

  • A new duty event will populate on the days schedule as “In Progress” and “ON DUTY”

  • The app will calculate when you finish duty based on a full 14-hour duty day.

  • The box in the lower right-hand corner will change from “Log Duty” to “Edit Duty”.

  • Schedaero will automatically send the information to the web the flight operations team can monitor pilot duty and ensure any delays or added flights won't exceed your duty day.

2. Pilots complete their duty day.

If they completed a flight, the pilot will complete their flight log in the app.

3. Pilots end their duty on the app.

To end duty on the app, pilots can either select the “ON DUTY” event or the “Edit Duty” box in the bottom-left-hand corner of the screen.

The “Edit Duty Log” window will populate on the screen.

Select End Duty to close out the log. The current date and time will auto-populate.

Pilots can edit times and/or add notes.

SAVE the log.

Any duty entries must have been completed in the past or in real-time. In accordance with FAA guidelines, Schedaero will not allow you to save a duty entry that will occur in the future.


To edit a past duty log, navigate to the appropriate date on the app schedules page.

Select the completed duty event.

The “Edit Duty Log” window will populate on the screen.

Select the data point you want to edit.

Change the times as appropriate.

Select "Done"

Save the duty log.

To delete, select "Delete Duty Log" which will produce a popup confirming the action. Select "Yes, delete"

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