With the Schedaero Crew App, pilots have quick and easy access to completing flight logs. Once a flight log is completed in the app, it will automatically update with the web browser. Keeping your flight ops team in the loop and updating aircraft totals for maintenance tracking.




In the app home screen, warnings will appear on each assigned leg to show if the flight log is complete or incomplete.

To complete a log, select the trip leg and navigate to the “flight logs” section.

Follow the edit link to open and complete your flight log:

  1. Reg: Flight Regulation. For operational control purposes, pilots are not able to edit the flight regulation on their app, to change the flight regulation, contact a member of your operations team PRIOR to completing the flight log.

  2. Date: the date of the flight will auto-populate based on the schedule.

  3. Out/Off/On/In: When you open the log, times will auto-populate based on the system-estimated flight times. They will need to be edited to reflect flight actuals.

  4. Block Time: calculated automatically based on the entrants for Out and In times

  5. Flight Time: calculated automatically based on the entrants for Off and On times

  6. Custom field: Operators can choose to add a custom field to flight logs. In this example, Missouri Miles is a field to enter the miles flown over Missouri for tax purposes.

  7. Diverted Flight: If a flight was diverted, you can select which airport you diverted to.

  8. Pilot Flying: Schedaero allows you to select which of the assigned pilots was flying. Schedaero will automatically calculate the pilots flight time totals accordingly.

  9. Hours or Night/Instrument: Schedaero will automatically tally total night and instrument times for all of a pilots flight logs to track currency.

  10. Approach: Type (IFR/VFR), amount, holds, and tracks.

  11. Take Offs/Landings: When you complete flight logs in Schedaero, the system will automatically track 90-day totals and warn schedules if your currency is near lapsed or lapsed. You will need to select who completed the take-off/landing -- the assigned PIC or the assigned SIC.

  12. Advanced Settings: Allows you to add multiple takeoffs, landings, and approaches. Particularly helpful for any training flights. When you select advanced settings, the following window will populate.

    Adjust the appropriate fields and select BACK to save your changes and return to the flight log. When you return to the flight log, your landings will now be displayed as follows:

  13. Aircraft/Tail: Automatically populated based on the scheduled flight. If the tail number is incorrect, contact your ops team to adjust before you complete the flight log.

  14. Fuel: Fuel usage information is made available on post-trip reports.

  15. Hobbs: The hobbs start will automatically populate from the last submitted flight log. By entering hobbs, Schedaero will automatically update aircraft totals in schedaero and warn for next due maintenance items. If your team has an integration with your maintenance tracking program, such as camp, it will send the totals to the program directly.

  16. Engine Times: Schedaero will automatically update engine times based on your entered flight times but they can also be edited. Schedaero will automatically update aircraft totals on the web version and warn for next due maintenance items. If your team has an integration with your maintenance tracking program, such as CAMP, it will send the totals to the program directly.

  17. APU Times: Defaults times are set by your company admin but you can always edit as necessary.

When your long is completed – submit the log on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

In order to submit the log, it must be completed. When successfully submitted you will receive the following notification on your app screen:

Once you have completed your flight logs, they will automatically be sent to the web browser and synced with your operations team.

Your logs will also automatically update aircraft times for maintenance.

Any changes you make to the flight logs will be tracked with an audit log.


Can I edit a flight log once it has been submitted?

YES! If you need to edit a flight log, navigate to the appropriate leg of the trip. Select the flight log. Make any edits and submit the log again. All changes are timestamped and noted in the Schedaero Web Browser.

How can I log flight time from a simulator or from outside the organization?

You can log ad-hoc flight times on the web browser. Learn more HERE.

Can my operations team make changes to the trip once I have submitted the flight log?

NO! Once you have submitted a log the flight will be locked so wait to submit any entries if changes need to be made to the aircraft, routing, flight reg, etc.

Why am I getting an error message when submitting flight logs?

There are three primary reasons why you might not be successful in submitting your logs:

  1. Your log is incomplete

  2. Your log has a time that is in the future based on your time zone settings.

  3. Connectivity delays.

Should the PIC or SIC enter flight logs?

Either! Just note the system will save the most recent log. It will supersede any previous version so make sure only one person is saving the log.

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