We rolled out a new pricing view in Marketplace search to facilitate more transparency between Brokers and Operators. To learn more about One price click here.

With the update, the price of your aircraft shown to buyers in the marketplace is determined by your pricing profiles as well as your historical responses. We believe this will streamline the process for all parties. The buyers can find the right option faster and having the most accurate representation of price, it will cut down on the back and forth between buyer and operator.

Calculating your new Avinode Marketplace Price:

Listed Price = Profile Price x median price percent difference

  • Listed price: what the buyer sees on Marketplace

  • Profile Price: the price created with your Schedaero Pricing Profiles

  • Median price percent difference:

Impact to Schedaero Quoting:

  • The quote shown on your original request is reflective of what the buyer saw in avinode.

  • When receiving an Avinode charter request in Schedaero there will be line item in the quote called Estimated Quote Adjustment to account for the difference in your profile price and what was shown in the marketplace.

NOTE: this can be a positive or negative adjustment.

To support Schedaero Operator's you can now choose from the following options when quoting:

Option 1) Keep the Estimated Quote Adjustment. This is what the buyer requested when selecting the aircraft and price. Please see the view from the Avinode Marketplace search.

Option 2) Remove the line item from the quote. Select the remove button in the quote breakdown.

Option 3) Click Regenerate quote. This will remove the Estimated Quote Adjustment.

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