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Please note the setup of new users and pilots will require the company administrator to complete.


To add a new pilot to your Schedaero account start by going to PEOPLE -> PILOTS -> ADD

Your Pilots Page

Once “ADD” has been selected, a new window will open where you can enter the certificate information for this pilot

Add Pilot Record

Schedaero will require:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Middle Name

  • Date Of Birth

  • Certificate Number*

*Certificate Number information will be double-checked with the Federal Aviation Administration Database.

Once the certificate information is saved the pilot record will be created.

Next Steps:

Create a user login for the pilot

Creating a user login page for a pilot is very important, it will allow them to log into the Schedaero Crew App.

View This Pilot's User Page

By selecting the "View this pilot's user page", you will be redirected to the user page that is linked to the pilot record.

Pilot User Page Information

Pilot User Page
  • Basic Information: First, middle & last name.

  • Company Role: Adding the user role in Company Roles is helpful because any Schedaero-related notifications will be sent according to their user role in the company.

  • Schedaero Assignments: Selecting the Flight Crew checkbox is required to activate the pilot as a flight crew member.

  • Pilot: It is required that under “Pilot” there is an option that says “View Pilot Record”. This will prove that the user was created under a pilot profile and that their record has been linked.

  • Contact Information: Having the contact information allows the company to have a list of all the users with phone numbers and emails.

  • Log In: Under “Login”, the Schedaero checkbox must be selected. Once this checkbox has been selected, the security email must be added. The security email will be where the user will receive a registration email to create their login credentials. This is also the email that the system will use to send password or login reset emails when requested.

  • Date & Time / Region and Currency: This feature allows the user to set their current date, time, region, and currency. All times within Schedaero will be associated with this feature.

Once all this information is entered select SAVE and you will be taken to the Permissions & Email tab where you can grant this user their Schedaero permissions.

We highly recommend granting your pilots access to the Schedaero Crew App where they will be able to manage all their schedule and trip assignments in one easy place. More information on other permissions can be found here.

Schedaero IOS Crew App Access


The “Basics” tab is where additional information can be added for better record-keeping within Schedaero.

This information can also be used for eAPIS submissions in Schedaero.

Pilot Documents and Addresses

Under the Document and Addresses tab, the user will be able to add documents and store them in a single place. The Addresses section is where you can save relevant addresses for the user.

Documents and Addresses

This will complete the user login setup for the pilot. The final 2 steps to complete the pilot setup are in the pilot record which you can get back to from the user page by clicking “View Pilot Record”

View Pilot Record

Add Certificate and Employment information

Add Certificate

The Certificate and Employment information section of the Pilot Record can be updated to include:

  • Certificate Number: This will be saved from when you initially created the pilot record

  • Date of Birth: This will also be saved from the initial pilot setup

  • Issue Date: Enter the date of issue for the pilot certificate

  • Fixed Wing: Select from None, Commercial, Commercial/Instrument, or ATP

  • Fixed Wing Rating: Select all that apply

  • Rotocraft: Select from None, Commercial, Commercial/Instrument, or ATP

  • Employment Status: Select from Unknown, Full Time, Dedicated Contract, Part-Time, or Contract.

  • Date of Hire: A date can be entered in MMDDYY format

  • Base: An airport code can be entered here.

  • Official Sanctions: Yes or No

  • Aircraft Accidents: Yes or No

  • Aircraft Incidents: Yes or No

Add Crew Qualifications

Adding crew qualifications is important and allows for Schedaero to:

  • Track Training & Currency items

  • Notify scheduling personnel if the pilot is assigned to a trip that they are not qualified to fly

  • Show the pilot on the Crew Schedule.


When adding a new qualification, the following information is required:

  • Aircraft: Select the aircraft this pilot is qualified to fly

    • It is recommended that qualifications are added by aircraft type but there is the option to have tail specific qualifications if needed.

  • Position: Select the position this pilot is qualified to fly as.

  • Regulations: Select each regulation that applies to this pilot.

Add Qualifications


In some cases, you may have a user on your Schedaero account that has their login created but they do not have a pilot record set up yet. You can easily see if a user is linked to a pilot record by going to PEOPLE -> USERS. If it does NOT say "pilot" under Assignments then there is no pilot record linked to this user.

Pilot Record

To add a pilot record to an existing user you can edit their user account and click “Add Pilot Record”

View Pilot Record

Once selected, this will take you to the initial pilot setup page where you can enter their certificate information and then continue to steps 2 & 3 of the pilot setup listed in the first portion of this article.


In instances where pilots are not able to see their assignments in the Schedaero Crew App it is likely due to their pilot record not being linked to their user login. If your pilot has a pilot record created and is listed on your crew list under People > Pilots and they also have a user login set up under PEOPLE -> USERS but they were created separately without being linked, then this is an incorrect pilot setup and will prevent their assignments from showing in the crew app.

You can see if a user is linked to a pilot record by going to PEOPLE -> USERS and if under Assignments it does NOT say “Pilot” then there is not a pilot record linked to this user.

User NOT linked to a pilot record:

Non-linked Pilot

User IS linked to a pilot record:

Linked Pilot

To correct an incorrect pilot setup:

1. Delete the existing user login for the pilot

2. Create a new login through their pilot record

To delete their existing login go to PEOPLE -> USERS and click the delete button to the far right of their name.

Delete User Record

Next, go to their pilot record under PEOPLE -> PILOTS and click on their name to open their pilot record. From here you can open the user page that is linked to this pilot record where you can create the new login for this pilot.

View This Pilot's User Page

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