Access your Paynode wire instructions by logging in to Paynode, and clicking on Wire Instructions under the Payments tab. By default, you are set up with a USD, EUR, and GBP account. To add additional currencies, please send a request to

With your different currency accounts, you can now receive funds locally and get paid in local currencies via local banks - which is faster and cheaper for your clients. You will receive a notification via email as soon as the payment arrives to your account.

  1. Start by selecting which currency you would like to receive money in. You can either give your customer the option to pay to one, or multiple accounts.

  2. Select the currency account you want to include, and copy the wire instructions details to update your current quote or invoice template.

  3. Provide your customer with the wire instructions to your new local accounts, and enjoy the comfort of global payments.

Are you a Trip Manager user?

Watch our demo on how to update your quote or invoice template in a few easy steps. If you manage your quotes in an external system, simply copy the wire instructions and add them manually to your current template.

This is how to update your quote or invoice template in Trip Manager:

Learn more about managing your Currency Accounts by using the links below.

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