We understand not all operators want to sell trips with short hops. We know owners are adding more restrictions for these type of trips and maintenance of aircraft is costly. Avinode added the Short Leg routing rule to help operators restrict these charter requests.

Step 1: Go to Aircraft Routing Rules.

Step 2: Add the profile name and aircraft to rule

Step 3: Scroll down to the Short Trips section to add your minimum average rule.

Example of how to use this rule: If the operator has minimum average PAX leg time to be 3 hours and the buyer searches for a Multileg request that is 4 hours on the first PAX leg and 1 hour on the second PAX leg this aircraft will not show up in the search as the average flight time per PAX leg would only be 2.5 hours.

The system is looking at the Passenger leg requests to ensure it meets the minimum average requirement.

Please note, all rules can be setup on per tail or per fleet basis. The operator has full control to add and edit these rules at anytime.

We also have a video option which explains how to setup and these rules with real examples! Avinode | Control what requests you get with block rules. - YouTube

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