We know operators do not want to receive requests that are illogical or with high repositioning segments. This rule has been HIGHLY REQUESTED by operators. Avinode added two methods to support the restriction of high reposition trips.

Option 1: Maximum First Positioning rule

This rule applies specifically to the first positioning leg of the trip. Use this rule to set up a positioning limit and exclude requests that have a first positioning leg above the set limit.

Example: If the Operator has a 2 hour first leg rule, any trip requests with 2 hours of repositioning or greater will not show the Operator in the search results.

Option 2: Maximum Total Trip Positioning rule

This rule applies to the percentage of positioning time in relation to the total trip time. Use this rule to set up a positioning limit and exclude requests that are above the positioning /flight percentage you have set.

Example: If the operator wants to consider the entire trip with passenger and repositioning segments this is a great option. If the operator has 25% total trip positioning rule this means the operator will be excluded from the search results if the positioning exceeds 25% of the total trip.

Setup instructions

Step 1: Go to Aircraft Routing Rules.

Step 2: Add the profile name and aircraft to rule

Step 3: Scroll down to the Excessive Positioning rule section

Step 4: Add the time or percentage and hit save.

We also have a video option which explains how to setup and these rules with real examples! Avinode | Control what requests you get with block rules. - YouTube

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