Know Your Business or ‘KYB’ is an important compliance process that ensures the verification of corporate entities or businesses. All new members looking to join the Avinode platform must complete this form as part of our vetting process. This practice is in place to ensure a safe and fair marketplace with true charter professionals.

KYB Form

The form asks questions about the company's:

  • Legal registration

  • Owners and registered directors

  • Bank accounts

  • Expected payment volumes

Who can see the KYB data and documents?

  • Access to the KYB form is highly restricted.

  • If you were granted access to the KYB form, you were sent a link or able to view it from the Company Tab ➡️KYB Information.

  • Within Avinode Group, only the Paynode staff persons directly responsible for the KYB process have access to the form (this is a tightly controlled and limited group) along with the compliance teams of our payment solution providers.

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