What is “Confirm Services Rendered”?

By clicking the “Confirm Services Rendered” button, you self-certify that you are verifying services have either been delivered, the service is on track to be delivered, or that the funds are allowed to be released according to your Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy. When your customer has authorized the card transaction, the funds are held with our card payment provider until you Confirm Services Rendered. Once you have confirmed services have been rendered and payment has been received, Paynode will disburse the funds to your bank account.

Why does Paynode hold the funds until I Confirm Services Rendered?

Credit card charges for air charter and charter-related services are considered higher risk because they are typically for “future services” (i.e you buy for a service today that will be delivered in the future) and they are for large amounts. In order to help mitigate this risk, the “confirm services rendered” feature helps our members (you) reduce their (your) credit card risk exposure while also reassuring end clients that their money is protected in case something comes up that prevents the takeoff of the flight.

How to Confirm Services Rendered?

When you expand the transaction to see further detail, you will have the option to click on Confirm Services Rendered.

I want to Confirm Services Rendered but I don't see the button. How can I confirm it?

The Confirm Services Rendered button becomes available within 7 days of the first leg of the trip.

What happens if I don’t Confirm Services Rendered?

Paynode will hold the funds received in your name until you Confirm Services Rendered. If you do not Confirm Services Rendered, the funds will not be disbursed to your Paynode account.

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